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We provide residential pest management services throughout the St. Louis and surrounding areas. Our services are designed to provide pest free environments in your home year round. Our company treats for crawling insects, flying insects, rodents, and many more.

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At St. Louis Control we can provide the services you need to keep your establishment clean, safe and free of pests. Whether its insects, flies, rodents, or odor control; we can provide an integrated pest management program that will  protect your business by making it less attractive to pests.


Termite Protection


As a home owner, one of our biggest concerns regarding our home is making sure that the structure is well kept. Unfortunately termites aid to this problem. The average cost to repair termite damage could be well over $2,000 depending on the amount of damage and the size of your home. St. Louis Pest Control has over 20 years experience providing conventional liquid treatments and installation of baiting systems, preventing termite damage. Call St. Louis Pest Control to schedule a free inspection.

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Indoor/ Outdoor Pests


Do you have ant problem on your porch? Or even a family of roaches that took over your home? No worries! We can help solve all of your problems dealing with pests inside or outside your home.


Wildlife Exclusions Repairs


Some of our most common requests from customers is their need to remove an unwanted visitor. Well here at St. Louis Pest Control we not only remove the pest from your home, but we will also provide exclusion repairs to prevent any additional pests from entering your home.

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Bed Bugs


Many customers described bedbugs to us as their worst nightmare.

Well fear no more! With our bedbug treatment, we eliminate this problem and follow up within two weeks after the initial treatment to make sure we are 100% successful.

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